Tuesday, April 1, 2014


Why are bike lanes and bicycling infrastructure important? In short:
  1. Bike lanes support bicycling as a viable means of transportation that is fun, healthy and environmentally beneficial.
  2. Bike lanes are traffic calming and reduce collisions between all users making it safer for all.
  3. Bike lanes make sharing our streets viable for all ages.

Who is Mom?

Mom is me a mother of two who rides a bicycle with her children as a means of transportation. Mom is my mother who was hit by a careless driver while crossing a street. Mom is my friends who ride the streets with their children. Mom is your grandmother who wants to ride a bike but is afraid of her safety.

Mom is the face of the bicyclist you should picture every time you share the roads. The idea of the lawless bicycle rider is no more when you picture Mom on a bike.

It is time to give Mom the safe streets she deserves.

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