Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Give Mum and Ma A Bike Lane Too (ATTN: UK AND NYC)


Join the Women's Cycle Forum in Edinburgh on June 14th!

"Are you tired of the old hand-wringing debate about why ‘women don’t cycle’ – usually conducted by male cyclists with reference to their non-cycling partners? Would you like to hear about the issues that matter from the women themselves who are doing something about them? Would you like to meet women who are passionate about cycling in all its forms, and make connections right across the cycling world? Would you like to come away inspired to change something yourself, in ways that you hadn’t considered before? If so, then – regardless of your gender – the Women’s Cycle Forum is for you."

and for BIKE CURIOUS FAMILIES that morning there is a workshop! 


NYC's own WE BIKE NYC is hosting their Mom on Wheels event 
this Saturday June 7th in Brooklyn. 

"Join us for our summer kick-off bike party that's fun for the whole family! Win featured gear, test out trailers, and talk to expert moms about riding bikes in the city with kids. 

At the event families can test drive a full range of child bike seats, trailers, cargo bikes, and kids’ bikes. Almost everything is also part of a raffle to raise money for WE Bike NYC’s educational programs. The event is free and open to the public."

PS: Thank you for the very kind blog post from MOM Kath over at Portlandize

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